Goin to the Beach - Nice

Nice is one of the jewels you will love visiting in France. A culturally rich city, with two museums dedicated to two of the world’s most famous painters, Matisse and Chagall, with churches that are both purely Catholic and Orthodox and with sights that would leave anyone mesmerized, Nice deserves all your attention.

There are a lot of things to do in Nice, from enjoying amazing architecture to eating out in the local restaurants. But one of the things you will definitely want to do here is to sunbathe under the French skies.


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And when it comes to beaches, Nice surely does win the race with many other places. Whatever the type of beach it is that you like, Nice will have something for you. Pebble beaches, sand beaches, fancy beaches, lonely beaches and friendly beaches – they all found a home around the gorgeous city of Nice. Here are some of the best beaches there:


  1. Villefranche is a beach situated about 20 minutes away from Nice and it will bring together the comfort of sand with the cleanliness of pebbles. Beautiful water, beautiful people and an absolutely beautiful day – this is what you should expect from this beach.


  2. Cap d’Ali is a beach quite similar to Villefranche when it comes to its sand, but the resemblance stops there, as this is one of the fanciest and most high-end beaches in Nice. If you want beauty, comfort and luxury at its uttermost, then this is the beach for you.


  3. If you are looking for something in between these two beaches, then Beaulieu-Sur-Mer is the place to be. Fancy, sandy and gorgeous, this beach will relax and soothe you like nothing else.



Nice Carnival

One of the main events during the winter in Nice is the Carnaval De Nice. This carnival is one of the world's largest. It offers entertainment that is not easy to forget and it runs from February 14 until March 4.

There are parades that take place at the carnival during the day and the night. There are also more than one thousand dancers and musicians that come here from all over the world.
The setting here is unique. The floats are decorated nicely as well with floral compositions, characters that are dressed extravagantly, and the throwing out of various items.

This carnival last for more than 15 days. The city is humming with an event that could be considered to be fairy-tale like. Those who are visiting Nice during it's off winter season will find that they get to take part in all the enjoyment of a carnival that is well put together and fun for everyone.
The carnival is great for children and adults alike. It is one of the main attractions during the winter months and makes a great activity for those who like to visit Nice during the season for skiing.

Children that are under 6 years of age are able to get into the carnival for free. Adults that those over 6 years of age will find that the rates are still extremely affordable. You can take you whole family for a day or night worth of entertainment and find that it will be an experience that is well worth the money that is spent.  It will also be an experience that you are not soon to forget. Taking cameras to capture this great event is recommended.
As you can see this is one of the best aspects of visiting Nice during the winter season. It is a family oriented experience that is sure to prove to be an enjoyment for anyone that you decide to take along with you.


Where to eat in Nice

Beyond Paris, you will discover a world of peace and cultural richness that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Nice is the place to go if you want to relax and to enjoy amazing sights and beautiful history.

After running around in between the Cathedral and the Notre Dame de Nice, in between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Matisse Museum and in between sunbathing on a luxurious beach and shopping sprees in the famous French shops, you will probably want to find some rest in front of a delicious meal.

And there’s nothing like the French “delicious”, that is something everybody knows. Classy, unforgettable and rich, the French cuisine will leave you with a taste that you will want to keep with you forever. Furthermore, Nice will have a restaurant to suit any kind of taste or budget, so you will not have to worry about not finding an eating spot that will suit you.

For instance, if you want to eat somewhere that is truly classy, then the Les Epicureans restaurant is what you are looking for. This place is so bewilderingly glamorous that it will leave you with the most beautiful memories possible. Actually, Les Epicureans is a restaurant so famous for its high standards that the prince of Monaco himself often comes to dine here.

If, however, you do not want anything fancy, then Nissa Socca is where you want to be. Inexpensive and charming, this restaurant will serve authentic local cuisine that will make you want to stay there for the rest of your life.

Indian food finds a dignified place in Nice as well, with the Delhi Belhi restaurant. If you are looking for a more exotic culinary break, then this restaurant will provide you with the best Indian food in the city. If, however, you want to see how the combination between Mediterranean flavors and Oriental spices tastes like, then the Kei’s Passion Michelin starred restaurant will be the place to go.


Beautiful Green gardens of Nice

There are many parks that you can visit when you take a trip to Nice:

Jardin Albert 1ER-  This garden has fountians and ponds that are surrounded by greenery. It is located near the sea and reaches all the way to the seafront. This is a great place for relaxing or strolling. There are many events that are hosted here during the summer as well. It contains a metal black arc that is large and has been a part of it since 1988.

Cascade De Gairaut- This location provides a nice waterfall that drops into a pool that is perfectly symmetrical. The view is nice and relaxing as well as romantic. It has been there since 1883 and marks the opening of the canal.

Parc Carol De Roumanie- This park is great for those who are old and those who are young. It offers a structure that is wooden for playing, games, a trail for fitness, wonderful walks, and even water games. Nearby there is access to a mini golf course. This makes this park a great place to visit even if you are planning a family vacation to the city of Nice, France.

Parc Castel Des Deux Rois- Another great park to visit that is friendly for those old or young. This park offers many great attractions and has been said to be a paradise for children. It has great lawns and palm trees and offers a city view. The garden's charm is enhanced even further with the Port.

Parc De La Colline Du Chateau- This park has great greenery and is popular for its wonderful waterfall and its awesome undergrowth. It is a great place for strolls and has a nice view point of the Port, Old Nice, and Bale des Anges. The night lighting here is nothing short of spectacular.

As you can see there are many great parks and gardens to visit when you take a trip to nice. There are also great options if you happen to be making it a family vacation trip.